Car Ducking

Congratulations! You've been Ducked!

What is Car Ducking?

Car ducking, a peculiar and light-hearted trend, involves placing rubber ducks on vehicles as a form of expression and amusement. It started off with Jeep drivers in the USA but this phenomenon is gaining incredible popularity across the globe.

The ducks come in various designs and colours, allowing car owners to showcase their personality or interests through their chosen duck decorations.

Car ducking has become a symbol of individuality and a means of connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Duck owners often participate in organised events or join online communities dedicated to sharing photos and stories of their car ducking adventures.

The innocent and amusing nature of car ducking offers a refreshing break from the ordinary and serves as a reminder to embrace spontaneity and celebrate the little things in life.

Whether you choose to participate in car ducking or simply enjoy the sight of these cheerful creatures on the road, this phenomenon continues to bring laughter and delight to those who encounter it, fostering a sense of community and injecting a dose of playfulness into the world of automobiles.

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