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Charles Duckens - Charles Dickens

Charles Duckens - Charles Dickens

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Embark on a literary adventure with our Charles Duckens Rubber Duck, a whimsical and cultured addition to your bath-time experience. Dressed in classic Victorian-era attire, complete with a quill and a miniature book, this delightful rubber duck captures the essence of literary charm with meticulous detailing. Transform your bath into a page-turning escape as the Charles Duckens Rubber Duck gracefully floats, bringing a touch of intellectual whimsy and playful sophistication to your relaxation time.

Perfect for bookworms, literature enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a unique bath-time companion, the Charles Duckens Rubber Duck becomes a delightful symbol of the literary world's wit and charm. Whether you're a fan of Dickensian tales or simply want to infuse your bath with a dose of literary nostalgia, this charming rubber duck becomes a captivating addition that elevates your self-care routine with a sprinkle of cultural charm and a whole lot of fun. Let the Charles Duckens Rubber Duck guide you through a literary journey in the tub, turning each splash into a chapter of intellectual celebration and playful relaxation.

Product size:

99mm X 86mm X 100mm

Made from safe phthalate free plastic and individually hand painted with care.

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