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Sherduck Holmes - Sherlock Duck

Sherduck Holmes - Sherlock Duck

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Embark on a detective adventure right in your bathtub with our Sherlock Holmes Rubber Duck. This clever and whimsical duck pays homage to the iconic detective, complete with a deerstalker hat, pipe, and magnifying glass. Immerse yourself in the intrigue and mystery of the classic detective tales as this rubber duck brings a touch of literary charm to your bath. With meticulous detailing and a keen sense of style, the Sherlock Holmes Rubber Duck turns your tub into a crime scene of fun and relaxation.

Let your bath-time be a thrilling escape into the world of deduction and clever wit with the Sherlock Holmes Rubber Duck. Whether you're a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories or simply enjoy a touch of literary whimsy, this rubber duck adds a playful twist to your self-care routine. Elevate your bath experience with a dash of detective flair and enjoy the thrill of solving imaginary mysteries with the charming Sherlock Holmes Rubber Duck as your trusty companion. #SherlockHolmesRubberDuck

Product size:
102mm x 80mm x 104mm

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