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Duck Vader

Duck Vader

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Embrace the quack side with our Vader Rubber Duck—a premium tribute to the iconic Sith Lord. This meticulously crafted duck, inspired by the legendary character, commands attention with a weighty presence, making it a luxurious addition to your desk or a stellar gift for the iconic movie devotees. Elevate your collection with this high-quality, limited edition Vader Rubber Duck that seamlessly blends quacktastic charm with the allure of the Dark Side. Join Vader Rubber Duck on a quack-filled journey through the galaxy and let the force of premium craftsmanship be with you.
🌌🦆 #DuckVader #QuackSithLord #RubberDuckCollectible #VaderRubberDuck

Product size:
104mm X 94mm X 90mm (approx)

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