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Old Wizard Duck

Old Wizard Duck

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Introducing the Old Wizard Rubber Duck, Duck World's first exclusive design created by our founders. 

Step into the wizarding world of wisdom with our Old Wizard Rubber Duck—a quacktastic tribute to a venerable magic mentor. Cloaked in majestic robes and exuding an air of profound insight, this limited edition rubber duck adds a touch of enchantment to your bath or collection. Perfect for fans of magical charisma or those seeking a wise companion, our Old Wizard Rubber Duck is a spellbinding addition to your quacker lineup. Immerse yourself in the allure of magical whimsy with this distinctive and collectible rubber duck—a journey into the realms of wisdom awaits. 🧙‍♂️🦆 #OldWizardDuck #QuackMagic #RubberDuckCollectible #OldWizardRubberDuck

It's first edition is limited to 1000 only, and makes it a magical collectible. The packaging has been designed specifically with a collectors mindset, where you can open the package and take the duck out to display, leaving the packaging in intact.

Edition of 1000. 

Dimensions: 94mm L x 75mm W x 95 mm H

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