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Mini Groom and Groom Ducks

Mini Groom and Groom Ducks

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Celebrate love and commitment with our Groom & Groom Rubber Duckies, a charming and symbolic addition to your bath. Dressed in dapper tuxedos, these adorable Groom & Groom Rubber Duckies bring a touch of joy and inclusivity to your self-care routine. Immerse yourself in the spirit of love as these duckies float gracefully in the water, representing the beauty of LGBTQ+ unions and embracing diversity in every splash.

Whether you're preparing for a wedding or simply want to add a delightful touch to your bath, the Groom & Groom Rubber Duckies are a whimsical and heartwarming choice. With meticulous detailing and a commitment to inclusivity, these Groom & Groom Rubber Duckies turn your bath into a celebration of love and unity. Elevate your bath-time experience with these charming companions that embody the values of acceptance and joy. #Groom&GroomRubberDuckies

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W 4.5cm x L 6cm x H 5cm

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