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Official Original Stormtrooper TUBBZ (Boxed Edition)

Official Original Stormtrooper TUBBZ (Boxed Edition)

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Quick march into the galaxy with the Original Stormtrooper Boxed Edition TUBBZ! This officially licensed collectible joins the ranks of the highly collectible TUBBZ series, featuring your favorite characters from gaming, movies, TV shows, and pop culture reimagined as ducks. This unique Stormtrooper has undergone a quacking transformation, donning the iconic white armor and helmet in duck form, making it an essential addition for fans and collectors. Whether you're aligning your collection with the forces of the Empire or simply showcasing your love for iconic characters in a playful manner, this Original Stormtrooper TUBBZ cosplaying duck is a standout piece that commands attention. Perfect for Stormtrooper enthusiasts and collectors alike, it's a must-have to march into your collection.

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