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The Suicide Squad T.D.K. TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck Collectible

The Suicide Squad T.D.K. TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck Collectible

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Immerse yourself in chaotic bath-time adventures with The Suicide Squad T.D.K Rubber Duck, a playful TUBBZ Edition inspired by the unpredictable DC Comics character. This meticulously detailed T.D.K Rubber Duck is crafted for collectors, bringing the mischievous and irreverent charm of T.D.K (The Detachable Kid) to your tub. With careful attention to capturing T.D.K's distinctive style, this high-quality collectible adds a splash of villainous flair to your bath, turning every soak into an amusing escapade. Whether you're a fan of the DC Universe or seeking a unique and collectible bath accessory, The Suicide Squad T.D.K Rubber Duck promises to quack up the fun and inject a touch of wicked charm into your daily bath-time routine.

Ever come across a duck that can detach his own arms and legs? Well if you’ve met The Detachable Kid, you’ll know not to mess with him as this convicted MetaHuman has a knack for combat! Coming boxed in an awesome displayable ‘The Suicide Squad’ tub display stand, this one of a kind collectible is great for fans of the series to stock up on.

  • Premium collectibles – highly detailed features and made from high quality PVC.
  • Approximately 9cm (3.54”) tall when outside of tub display stand (some may vary)
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